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Track etiquette

The following is a guide on the behaviour and conduct that should be adhered to by athletics track and field users:

  • Always run in an anti-clockwise direction. The only time it is acceptable to run in another direction is if you are doing shuttle runs or drills as part of a session or during warm up. Drills can also be done on the high jump fan or the infield if they are not in use.
  • Warm up on the outside lanes in a clockwise direction or on the infield outside the football pitch, taking care not to cross the throwing sectors if in use.
  • Treat the track like a road, look both ways and make sure it is safe to cross.
  • Recovery after reps should be in the outside lanes or on the outside of the grass (again, avoid crossing the throwing sectors).
  • Do not cross the throwing sectors when in use. Walk around the back of the cage, circle and runway.
  • Coaches should let the other coaches present know what they are planning to do during the session and agree any lane use.
  • If you are standing still, walking or jogging slowly and someone shouts ‘Track’ at you then step off the track if you are on the inside lane or move immediately to the outside lanes.
  • Throwers must ensure that no-one is in the throwing sector when they are throwing. Other athletes must ensure that they do not walk or run across the throwing areas when throwing training is in progress.